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Our heartfelt condolences go out for all the families and friends of all the victims.

This list will be updated as needed.

Let's pray that all victims on this list will soon be followed with a SOLVED

Please let me know if corrections are need.

Killeen Murder Cases 2023

April 08                   VaQuintin Carmon Maestre, 18, shot at the 800 block of Atlas Avenue     SOLVED

                                 Jarkel J Dean and Willie Dean have arrested and charged with murder

April 28                   Daquan Rayshawn Weatherly, 21, shot in the 2900 block of Zephyr Rd.

April 30                   Kenny Ray Morgan, 42, shot in a residence in the 1700 block of Old FM 440     SOLVED 

May 07                    38 year old male shot in the 600 block of North Gray Street     SOLVED  

                                 An arrest has been made.  No names have been released

May 08                    Eugene Sonny Brownlow, 16, shot in the 3600 block of Zephyr Rd.  SOLVED

                                 Donovan Lee Mann has been arrested and charged with murder.

June 05                    Brook Elaine Ball, 23, shot in the 1600 block of Benttree Drive on May 29, 2023. Brook succumbed

                                 to her injuries on June 05. 

June 10                    Two males were found inside of a car at the 1800 block of Gaynor Drive. One male 29yrs old the other 19

                                  years old seemed to have been shot at least 1 time each according to KPD. No other information has been                                          released by KPD

June 12                     Un-named 30 years old male shot on June 9 and succumbed to his injuries

July 30                      Richard Soloman, 24 shot in the 3300 block of E Rancier  SOLVED

                                  Amaun B Gilbert has been charged with murder

September 1           Sgt. Valeria Favila, 22 shot in the 800 block of Atlas Avenue.  SOLVED

                                  With help from the community, Angelica Higgins has been charged with murder. 


Killeen Murder Cases 2022

January 06              Roderick Pollard, 41 (Army Vet), shot at the Obok Restraunt & Club at 2815 S Ft Hood Street                                    January 8               Elvin Joel Vale-Crespo, 31-year-old male found in his home in the 300 block of 22nd St.  KPD was called

                                 to do a welfare check after he had not been heard from for several days. Cause of death not released

March 05                Ketrelle Bolden, 31, found deceased inside a residence in the 1300 block of Gray Street

                                 Around 3:15 a.m., officers were dispatched to the 300 block of Dean Avenue to a shot fired call.                                                               When they arrived, they found a 25-year-old female suffering from a gunshot and were told that there was a                                       second victim at a residence on Gray Street. The female victim was airlifted to Baylor Scott & White Hospital in                                     critical condition.

March 07                Robin Lynn Ashford, 49, found in her apartment after the Killeen fire department responded to a fire in the

                                 4300 block of Lake Road around 1:43 am, Ashford was pronounced dead at 2:44 am.   On March 09

                                 after a preliminary autopsy Killeen Police Department announced Ms. Ashford's death will be investigated as 

                                 a murder.  

March 10                Nicholas Gage Debrum, 19, found shot in the 2900 block of Lake Road.  Debrum died the following day.

March 11                Neosha A Johnson, 25, found shot in a residence at the 5800 block of Redstone Drive.  

                                 Robert E Whitaker III, 29, found in the 2600 block of Brook Hollow Circle.  SOLVED According to KPD Whitaker

                                 murdered Johnson and later turned the gun on himself, he was found deceased.

March 12                Makayla R Martin, 11, found shot in the 400 block of Vega Lane 

March 12                Alyssa Whitfield, 6, the cousin of Makayla.  Also shot was Makayla's mother 38-year-old Danielle Gaines was                                         found suffering from a gunshot wound to the neck. She was able to escape to a neighbor's home and call for                                     help.   She was treated at the hospital and has been released. 

                                 Uninjured was Makayla's brother who was able to escape to a neighbor's house.

                                 KPD believes the shootings occurred during a domestic disturbance between the husband and wife.

                                 Retired Army vet Kendrick Donnell Gaines (stepfather of Makayla) has been arrested and charged with capital                                     murder.   SOLVED

March 22               Yolanda N'Gaojia, 52, was shot and killed at her son's grave as she was preparing for a balloon release for her                                      son's 22nd birthday.  N'Gaojia's son, Amir passed away 01/01/22. The second victim received non-life-                                                    threatening injuries and was treated and released at the scene.  SOLVED 8/13/22 17yr old Christian L Weston                                      was arrested, 8/17/22 20yr old Demario J Moore was arrested both have been charged with murder

March 24                Revierra E A Gibson, 18 was fatally shot in the 600 block of Brook Dr. SOLVED

March 24                A'lik Wilson, 15 was fatally shot in the 600 block of Brook Drive. SOLVED

                                 Ruben J Fuentes, Jr. is currently in custody in connection with the murders currently not charged with capital 

                                 murder, but 2 separate murders 

April 15                   Isaiah J Lozada, 22 was found deceased on a bank of Nolan Creek located at the 600 block of Avenue K

                                 Cause of death pending autopsy

June 11                   Helena Deloris Holmes, 51 was found unresponsive in a hotel room on the 2700 block of E Veterans Memorial                                     Blvd.  SOLVED   Juan Enoc Bamaca Pliego, 36 who was in the hotel room with Ms. Holmes has been arrested

                                 and charged with murder and immigration violation.

August 3                 Joe Sidney Williams, Jr, 55, on June 24, 2022 Williams was shot in the 1880 block of North 4th St.

                                 August 3, Williams succumbed to his injuries, late September his final autopsy report came out, the medical

                                 examinator ruled his death to be a murder 

September 19        Phyllis Campbell, 34 was found deceased at 1109 Wales Dr.  SOLVED Spc. Michael L Moore was arrested and                                       charged with murder.

September 28        Denzell R Jordan, 30, shot and killed on the 600 block of Leo Lane.  SOLVED Antonio B Heath has been 

                                 arrested and charged with murder

October 9                Davarian J Lawrence, 14 years old found shot in the 200 block of Evergreen Drive

November 9           Abkhir Abdel Neville, 21, shot and killed on the 200 block of East Bryce Avenue

November 12         Muhammad Idrees Kahn, 69, stabbed several times on the 5600 block of South HWY 195 near the mosque

                                 SOLVED Raymond C Kastner was held at the scene, witnesses saw Kastner commit the murder, Kastner

                                 confessed stating he only stabbed Kahn 2 times, but the autopsy showed 11 stab wounds

November 13         Stepheno R Gibson, 34, shot and killed in the 5000 block of Primavera Lane SOLVED Kenneth Lloyd Carter

                                  was arrested in Humble, TX on Nov. 18, 2022

December 22          Kila Nanette Spencer, 47, shot and killed in the 700 block of Stetson Avenue outside of an unfenced residence

December 23          Arreion Hughes, 18, shot in a car along with 2 friends on 12/21/22. Hughes succumbed to his injuries 12/23/22

December 24          Clint Demetri Jones, 35, shot in the 3300 block of Hereford Lane SOLVED Demetrius Jones was arrested on



Killeen Murder Cases 2021

January 30              Asher Levi Kitchens, 34, shot and killed, two others taken to hospital.  The three men were at a residence in                                         the 600 block of Murphy Street.  SOLVED   Syrknoreon Dewuntrel Pilgram, 30 was charged with murder                                                 and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.            

February 21           Anthony Newton, 25, shot and killed in the 4400 block of Watercrest Road  SOLVED  Gregory Ellis,21 charged 

                                 with Tampering/Fabricating Evidence.  This shooting was deemed non-criminal.

February 23           Tiffany S Shepard, 34, shot and killed in the 3900 block of Tatonka Dr.  SOLVED Archie A Mitchell husband of                                        Tiffany committed suicide 

May 2                      Michael D Sanders, 28, found shot at 308 S 2nd St. (Club Legends) 

May 31                    Jaquan Tahaj Davis, 16, missing since April 2 was found on May 31 after officers were dispatched to the 2200                                       block of Dickens Drive in reference to shots fired.  They located a male on the side of the roadway suffering                                         from a gunshot wound.  A Person of Interest was apprehended for an unrelated warrant

May 31                    Hudson Tai, 67, was found deceased in a backyard in the 600 block of Adams Ave., no ID was found, Tai was

                                 identified through dental records.  Hudson Tai was reported missing and last seen on May 26, 2021 in the                                             600 block of Adams Avenue.   June 14, Mr. Tai's death has been declared a homicide. 

June 7                      Ronda K Mack, 54, found deceased under a tree 4800 block of Rainbow Circle.  Woman was fully                                                             clothed and had plastic bags covering parts of her body. (Original article stated her body was found wrapped                                       in plastic).  There is no indication of foul play at this time, pending the results of the autopsy.

June 7                      Anthony House, 38, shot in the 300 block of S 42nd Street.  SOLVED   Deemed a domestic dispute the suspect                                     was initially arrested, and released

June 11                   Darryl G Williams, 60, found lying in the grass in the 200 block of Avenue B

July 31                     Deon Dewayne Elliot, 36, shot in the 4300 block of S Ft Hood near the Elms Rd intersection, 2 persons of

                                 interest have been detained

August 1                 Kentaro T Cooper, 25, fatally shot at Valero Convenience store where he worked on the corner of                                                             Trimmier & E Elms

August 9                 Alexander Terwilliger, 40, KPD responded to Seton Medical Center in Harker Heights where an assault victim                                       succumbed to injuries, he received on the 4300 block of Swan Dr. 

September 5          Braylon Hines, 21, died at the scene, 2 people shot at the Liberty 6 Motel the other victim is in the hospital 

September 6          Cullen Sinclair, 18, found shot in his vehicle in the 4500 block of Westcliff Road

September 8          Alondra Santiago,19, found Sept 7 shot in her vehicle in the 1800 block of Stardust Drive

September 16        Sgt. Francine Martinez was shot in the head on Sept. 7 as she was driving her car, by a fellow soldier                                                     Cpl Nakealon K Mosley who was driving another vehicle.  SOLVED 10/27/21 Grand Jury Indicted Mosley for                                       murder.  11/10/21 Mosley has once again been Indicted by the Grand Jury for murder

                                 Current jail status: Mosley has not been charged with murder, he has been charged with AGG Assault                                                   Date/Family/House and DISCHARGE FIREARM IN CERTAIN MUNICIPALITIES

                                 W/Weapon and Discharge firearm in certain municipalities 

October 16             Darian N Barlow, 21, shot in a parking lot near Club Legends 2 males and 1 female were also shot and listed in                                   critical but stable condition 

October 31             Jhirmack W Brown, 39, Brown and Perry T Davis got into a verbal altercation, both shot each other. SOLVED

                                 Nov. 3. 2021 Davis was charged with murder

November 9          James M Moten, 43, found deceased on the 400 block of Sladecek Drive Moten had been stabbed, also found

                                at the residence was his son Javon Moten, 18, who died of a self-inflected gunshot wound   SOLVED

November 15        Dominic Nichols, 18, died of a gunshot wound at an apartment parking lot in the 600 block of W                                                              Hallmark Avenue. 

December 21        Amos J Goff, 23, shot in the head at the 700 block of Cardinal Avenue

                                Police state that this is the 18th homicide in Killeen.




Killeen Murder Cases 2020

January 8                Michael Cirilo, 32, shot and killed

January 10              James Centron Taylor Mitchell, Jr. 18, shot and killed SOLVED  Mitchell was shot when breaking into a 

                                 residence. (No charges were made) 

January 14             Quan Kendrick Devin Scott, 2 months, murdered by his caregiver  SOLVED

                                 Shanique Shaniel-Shavon Parker, 29, has plead not guilty

February 9             Ann Evans, 63, found murdered in her home  SOLVED Luke Matthew Cuellar, 25, the boyfriend of Evans’                                               granddaughter stabbed Evans in the neck during a robbery. Cuellar is charged with murder

February 10           John D. Mitchell, 27, stabbed to death     SOLVED  Anthony Taylor Masters-Gutierrez, 27, charged with murder
February 10           Teckla Domesca, 19, shot and killed     Jordan Henry Jessup, 21, Shane M Duncan, 21 have been indicted for                                          theft of fire arms belonging to Domesca but not his murder                                                                                           March 1                  SPC Shelby Jones, 20, shot and killed   SOLVED  Bell County grand jury did not take action

March 14                Asia Cline, 22, shot and killed,  SOLVED 8/28/20 Barnard Lnell Morrow, 21, was charged with "capital murder of                                   multiple persons," 

March 14                SPC  Freddy B Delacruz, 23, shot and killed, SOLVED 8/28/20 Barnard Lnell Morrow, 21, was charged with                                             "capital murder of multiple persons," 

March 14                Shaquan Markell Allred, 23, shot and killed, SOLVED 8/28/20 Barnard Lnell Morrow, 21, was charged with                                             "capital murder of multiple persons," 

March 16                Terrance Darnell Iles, 22, shot and killed

March 23                Michael Steven Wardrobe, 23, shot and killed   SOLVED  SPC Jovino Jamel Roy, 22, has been charged with                                               murder

March 29                Kaitlyn Silverio, 20, shot and killed    SOLVED  De’Jauna Monte Williams, 18,                                                                

                                 and Cedric Vernon Henderson Jr., 19, have been charged with murder

May 4                      Kevin Anton Davis, 58, shot and killed.  Davis is the son of former Bell County Justice of the

                                 Peace Claudia Brown

May 16                    Nalani Jessica Hendrich, 8 months, her father Eddice Octavius Braswell, 22 , charged with injury to a child with                                     serious bodily injury/mental defect-intentional  SOLVED

June 1                      Christopher McWhorter, 35, shot and killed during a struggle with a gun SOLVED Sean T. Bordelon has been                                       charged with manslaughter

June 1                      Ricky Darnell Ball, 30, shot and killed

June 2                      Jared Michael Tristan, 29, shot and killed  SOLVED  Bell County Grand Jury did not take action

June 14                    Shareef Raekwon Ali-Barnett, (Army vet) 24, shot and killed  SOLVED    24 yr old Breez Collier and 18 yr old                                            Jessica Hampton, are each charged with murder, also arrested and charged Hampton's 15 year old brother 

June 19                    Pvt. Gregory Wedel-Morales, 23, skeletal remains of a missing soldier discovered in Killeen were                                                             positively identified as those of Private Gregory Morales.  Morales was last seen alive Aug. 19, 2019.

June 27                    Nilsa Maria Arce, 50, thrown off a balcony June 25,  SOLVED  Raymond A Rivera, 35, charged with aggravated                                        assault causing serious bodily injury**Update charges have been changed to murder 

September 14        Jervontre Robinson, 14,  found unresponsive at his home in the 5000 block of Willamette Lane  SOLVED

                                  A recent article KDH states Robinson's death to be a Justified Homicide    

September 16        Jonathon A. Hampton, 24, shot in the head on Fairview Dr. Sept. 14  SOLVED Antonio Hodges was 

                                 charged with murder on 2/7/23 KPD announced the arrest of Hodges  2/13/23 Ahmad Demps has also been 


September 21        Emma Jones, 43, shot on 9/19 in the 2600 Block of Lewis St  SOLVED Chance Anthony Harrison, 48 has been                                       charged with murder

September 25        Damien Xavier Rocha-Torres, 18, shot an killed in 2500 block of Camp Cooper Dr.  SOLVED 16yr old arrested

October 24             Robin Renee Moses, 30, shot and killed

October 24             Rodell E. Wallace, 29, shot and killed

October 24             Malcolm J. Laborn, 26, shot and killed

November 23         Qutub U Qurashi, 57, shot on Nov 21 by his son Mohammed A Qurashi, 21 SOLVED

December 12         Bryan S Story, 32,(Army vet) involved in a hit and run SOLVED Jordan M Smart, 27. May 24, 2020 Smart hit 2

                                 men with his vehicle and ran.  Story died on 12/12/20 of injuries sustained from the incident. Smart faces                                             numerous charges including murder 

December 17         Tonya Denise Dixon, 45, shot and killed in the 300 block of S 10th Street

December 26         Cadarian Connell Parker,19, shot and killed 700 block of Houston St. (5 year old also shot but survived)


Killeen Murder cases in 2019

January 3                 Jenna Scott, 28

                                  Michael Swearingin, 32

                                  Both cases have been SOLVED  

                                  Note....Cedric Marks who murdered both in Killeen, drove their bodies to Oklahoma and buried them in

                                  shallow graves. Maya Maxwell, 26 has also been indicted.  Marks is also a person of interest in the

                                  disappearance of April Pease who went missing Sept. 2009 in Bloomington, MN.

                                   April is also the mother of Marks' 13 year old son, her disappearance

                                  occurred prior to a scheduled custody court date.** UPDATE 3/17/20 Marks now faces another murder

                                  charge for the kidnap and murder of April Pease in MN**Marks is currently held in Bell County on capital

                                  murder charges. **Although murders occurred in Killeen, Temple PD is handling the cases**

                                  June 2023 Marks was sentenced to Death.

February 17            Obadiah Moishe Bush, 17, shot and killed  SOLVED  Darius Kirt York, 21 and Zamante Jamon Alvis, 17    

                                   were arrested.  York has been charged with murder 

March 21                 Rudolph Kenyetta Hardison, 37, shot and killed, found inside his car

June 3                       Chelsea Lynell Cheatham, 32,  Chelsea was found murdered in a room at the Days Inn,

                                  however no mention of this was ever made in the Killeen news paper until Sept. 19  SOLVED

                                  20 year old soldier Cory Grafton confessed to the murder, his DNA also found at the crime scene

June 9                       Kevin Lebriant Thomas, 29, shot and killed

June 18                     Luis Angel Santiago, 28, shot and killed   SOLVED 4 men have been indicted for murder

                                   Dexter Washington, 47, his sons Shyheem 21, Javonte 16, and Eric Madden 22

June 30                     Seth Ward, 33, found murdered in his pickup truck

August 11                Jacques Lee Jackson, 17, shot and killed

August 28                Zeontre Da’Shon Horton, 18, shot and killed  SOLVED Myshan Leandre Diggles, 30, and Malik Devante

                                   Chrystal, 21 have been arrested only charged with deadly conduct/deadly firearm

October 2                Markez Anthony Bryant, 17, shot and killed

October 4                Simeon O. Shaw, 36, shot and killed  SOLVED  Andrew Lovell Stewart, 19 has been charged with murder

October 30              Jonathan Martinez-Cruz, 19, shot and killed

October 30              Luis E Cosme, 48, (Vet) shot and killed   SOLVED   25-year-old Bryan Jamal Dunn charged with the murder

                                  Dunn refused to accept a plea deal for Life with possibility of parole he is now charged with Capital Murder 

November 2            Maikol Abdiel Colon, 33

December 30          Steven Guiles, 29, shot and killed  SOLVED  Isaac Terrell Boston,24 charged with murder

December 31          Lou Busby III, 19, shot December 28

TOTAL MURDERS  15     TOTAL SOLVED 7       UNSOLVED 8      (Total does not include Jenna Scott or Michael Swearingin)

Killeen Murder cases in 2018

February 7              Robert M Blunt, 52, Army vet shot multiple times 

February 28            Lamar Marcell Roberson, 32, Army vet shot and killed SOLVED  Jason Ricardo Baez, 31 charged with murder      April 23                    Otts  Hernandez, 35, Army vet shot and killed    

June 9                       Heather Mae Walker, 29, Army veteran multiple stab wounds  SOLVED   Marcia Jadonna Burchett, 28

                                  has been charged with murder  8/16/21 Burchett took a plea deal and will serve 35yrs 

July 17                      Hasson Lindsey Jr., 21, shot and killed SOLVED  Ramond McKinnon Jr, 28 is charged with murder

August 4                  Cleveland Jermaine Lewis, 33, shot and killed 

August 18                Deandre Patrick Thomas, 41, Army vet, shot and killed SOLVED Reginald Jackson sent. 30 years EP 11/20/34 REL 11/20/49 

December 3            Marquis Demps, 21, Army vet, shot and killed  SOLVED   Talitha Marieanne Collins,31,

                                  Justice Dinell Jamar Brue-Miller,21, Derek Gregory Spragins, 28, have been charged with murder

December 10          William Gillen 75, shot and killed, wife Linda 71 Murder Suicide  SOLVED

December 20          Yorrick T Toms, 24, shot and killed



Killeen Murder cases in 2017

Jan. 02                      Randal K Anderson, 22, was shot and killed

Jan. 11                      Eric Dieter Hill, 34, was shot and killed

Jan. 16                      Harry "Butch" Polite, 31, was shot and killed

Feb. 21                     Quinton Rashard Hill, 23, was shot and killed

Feb. 26                     William Petty, a security guard working at a Subway shot and killed

March 4                   Daniel Scott Daulton, 23, was stabbed and killed, by his father SOLVED  Danny L Daulton Sent. 20 yrs. EP 3/3/27  REL 3/3/37

March 7                   Rocky Wayne Marsh, a 38-year-old was beaten and stabbed SOLVED

March 24                 Joseph C. Colon, 13, was shot and killed

April 17                    Fort Hood soldier Justin Lewis shot and killed

May 9                       Travis James Granger (Vet), 29, was shot and killed SOLVED Keith Marinnie, Jr Sent. 5 yrs. Not Elg for early parole REL 5/5/22 

May 30                     John Seth Jr., 80, was shot and killed SOLVED  Santiago Vasquiz, Sent. 14 yrs EP 3/11/26 REL 3/11/33

July 15                      Daniel Magee, 29, was shot and killed

Aug. 19                    Brandi Jo Cadena, 28, was found dead with a gunshot wound in her home 

Aug. 25                    Glenroy Joseph Smith, 34, was shot and killed

Sept. 11                   Taron Marquise Tillman-Ratliff, 20, was shot and killed

Sept. 19                   Pierre Andre Keupp, of Killeen, 27, was shot and killed

Sept. 28                   Stephen M. Rowe, 39, of California, was found shot and killed in Killeen

Nov. 12                    Curtis Shelley, 27, was killed. The shooter was a neighbor whom he had an ongoing dispute with, police said,                                        and the relative of a Killeen Police Department employee.  SOLVED  No action taken by the DA

Nov. 25                    Samaka Powell, 27, was shot and killed by her husband Raymond Davis, 31, at the Valero gas station she                                                worked at on Stan Schlueter Loop. Davis turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. SOLVED

Dec. 17                    Bernard Trumarde Winston-Haynes, 34, and Courtney Jamal Nelson, 34, both died after an incident in the Lone                                    Star Inn and Suites on South Second Street. Both died from gunshot wounds from each other. SOLVED



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