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Constance Ann Streif

10/01/82 Harker Heights

Constance Ann Streif

22 year old Constance was last seen in Harker Heights, Texas on October 1, 1982. She had traveled from New York and was visiting her sister at the time of her disappearance. She has never been heard from again. Since her disappearance there has been no activity on her Social Security number.

Streif was adopted. Her mother died in 2004 and her father died of asbestos-related mesothelioma in 2011. His will specifically disinherited Streif, stating he hadn't heard from her since 1982 and he believed she could be dead. There was, however, a monetary settlement for his wrongful death which was supposed to be divided between Streif and her two sisters.

Her sisters appealed to the court, arguing that Streif was dead and asking for the money to be split between the two of them instead. The judge refused to declare Streif legally dead, but did rule that she should not benefit from the wrongful death settlement, since she had not been in contact with her father for nearly 30 years prior to his death.

Few details are available in Streif's disappearance.

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