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When Karma comes to town

A couple weeks ago the Killeen Daily Herald wrote about a change in the Bell County District Attorney's office.

The article stated that the 1st Assistant District Attorney (#2 in charge at the DA's office) Paul McWilliams and his wife Leslie, an assistant DA both “retired” from the DA's office.

I cannot say that I was shocked. But really retired? OK if that is what they want to call it.

In my opinion they should have been fired years ago.

A recent documentary Exhibit A on NETFLIX will reference McWillimas as well as Ortiz, both by the way involved in Candance's case. And both at the time employed with the Bell County DA's office.

Team McWilliams most recently were proven to withhold evidence while prosecuting the Powell case. Powell was eventually released, but has since been rearrested on other charges. I am sure there are several other cases that really need to be reviewed in Bell County as well.

I have complained about Paul McWilliams and his mishandling of the "screening" of my daughter Candance's case.

Candance's case was solved and sent to McWilliams for “screening” in January 2015, in 2017 I called McWilliams to check the status of the “screening” process, only to find that nothing had been done. His claim was he had briefly reviewed the file, but just didn't have time to look at the whole case. Yes I complained to District Attorney Garza who promptly assured me that Candance's case would get "screened". That is the last I heard from the DA's office and the KPD office as well. No one will return my calls, take a call or respond by emails. Why? It's almost like someone is hiding something in Bell County. Could there be a HUGE cover up going on within Bell County? My personal thoughts are there is a serial killer in Bell County and if my thoughts are correct they do not want the FBI involved. This will bring the Bell County police, DA’s office and legal system to their knees if any current/cold and prior cases are viewed, more than the McWilliams’ will be “retiring”.

Gricelda Ramos, Sheila Reed, Jed Paul Naisbitt, Candance and the many others listed on this site have yet to receive justice. One person these 4 cases have in common? The detective who handled their case who now works for the district attorney.

I was told by an old retired police officer that KPD detectives do not work for the public, they work for the victim. So you tell me who pays them to do their jobs? My dead daughter? It all boils down to this…the dead get what they pay for. Absolutely nothing in Bell County. Unless there is an eye witness willing to do the right thing and step forward, many murder cases will remain unsolved. Don’t think for one minute that DNA will bring an arrest, it’s just not enough evidence for the Bell County DA’s office to get a conviction in a court of law. Families should have the right to request cases to be reviewed in another county or by the states attorney general.

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