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truth never damages a cause that is just. "gandhi"

It has been far too long since I last wrote on my blog.

My first blog is written about Detective Karl Ortiz, the original detective on Candance's murder case.

I had completed the blog months ago but did not make the post.

I spoke with a spiritualist who advised me that my negative thoughts and feelings would not be of any benefit to me or my family. After careful consideration, I agree.

The individuals I’ve had to deal with in Killeen have been major a part of my life for the past eight years and one of the reasons why I started this website/blog.

There have been many unsolved murders in Killeen, most remain virtually forgotten.

I hope this site will put faces with the names of some of the victims and readers will remember and pray for the victims and the families left to deal with the aftermath in Killeen, TX.

That being said, my first real blog will still be on Detective Ortiz, like him or not he had a job to do. Although I do not agree with the way Detective Ortiz decided to handle Candance’s case, it is my believe he did the minimal amount possible to solve her murder.

Although I do not know what he knows about Candance's murder I cannot guess what evidence he had collected. We found at a later time some evidence had not been collected.and the homicide unit returned to the house Candance lived in on several occasions in the days after her murder looking for additional evidence they had not collected previously, only to find the evidence had been discarded or cleaned up by the person who owns the house. I often wondered why the house was not sealed after they had taken her body to Dallas for an autopsy.

As an open investigation there is little to no information shared with the family, sometimes the only thing you can do is to listen carefully to what is being said to you, keep notes everyone you talk to every day. With very little information from the detectives, families are left to fend for themselves in an attempt to figure out why their loved one was murdered and by whom.

I honestly believe that Candance's case was botched from the beginning. Had the investigator collected all the evidence that was left behind, this murder case may have had a different out come. I also believe that Detective Ortiz had a person high on his suspect list. I know this because he would always tell me not to talk to this person because, “it would not look good in court”. However no polygraph was ever given to the suspect (according to the suspect).

Those who may be wondering who this person is........ I will disclose his name in a later blog.

During the time of Candance’s murder the TXDPS crime labs had issues with calibrations for DNA & trace evidence testing not being in par with the FBI calibrations. This caused a major backup in the labs as items that had been tested prior had to be retested. At the time of Candance’s murder we were told only 6 items could be sent in to the crime lab, and the turnaround time could be months if not years to get results back. I don’t know if that is still the case, if it is that should be a big concern. We called the lab and found some interesting information.

Please let me reiterate:

I mean no disrespect to any persons I write about.

This is my journey my experiences and most importantly my truth.

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