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Letters to a Killer Candance L Boley

Murdered in Killeen (MIK) has started a new project, for anyone in the Bell County area who would like to participate please contact us at or PM us on this FB page.

Our new project is Letters to a Killer

We are asking families and friends of murder victims to write a letter to the person who murdered your loved one. (known and unknown) This is for both solved and unsolved murders in the Bell County area.


Name of victim

Date of murder

Photo of victim (if available)

Let the killer (s) know what their actions have caused

Let the killer (s) know how their actions have affected you and your family

Let the killer (s) know what a beautiful life they stole

Please keep profanity at a minimum no f bombs please

Please do not include your personal information on the letter

Please email us if you are interested, or if you have any questions… the letters will be posted on our website.

Thank you!


Mother of Candance Lee Boley murdered in Killeen on July 11, 2011 (unsolved)

Letters to a Killer

Open letter to Candance’s killer:

This year on July 12 will be the 9th year since you brutally murdered Candance.

We will never forget the beautiful life you stole from us.

Our lives were forever altered on the day you made the decision to take a precious life.

On that day

You took a mother of two.

You took a daughter.

You took a sister.

You took a cousin.

You took a granddaughter.

You took a friend of many.

You took the life of a beautiful woman.

As we fight for the justice our daughter deserves, the chaos that you have inflicted on this family is monumental.

You are able to live your life. You are free to walk and work among others.

Does your family and friends know what a monster you are? Do they know you killed a defenseless woman?

How can you look in the mirror and not see the reflection of a demon that looks back at you?

Our prayers for you

We pray every night when you close your eyes you are haunted by the day you took our daughter’s life.

We pray that you never murdered another woman.

We pray that the day you decide to do the right thing the demons that haunt you will be released.

We pray when you ask for forgiveness God will hear you.

We pray that you realize how much pain you have caused so many, all of our lives are forever changed.

I pray that the day you are caught, and eventually you will be, that you will meet with me mano a mano, just you and me. I want to look into the eyes of a killer, the last person my daughter had to look at as you took her life. I want to know what Candance could ever have done to you that would cause you to inflict such a heinous crime against her.

The day you murdered Candance you made 2 children motherless.

She didn’t get to see her daughter graduate from high school.

She will never see her children marry, she will never hold her grandchildren.

The day you murdered Candance was her son’s 3rd birthday. Every year for the rest of his life will be a reminder that his mother was taken away from him on what should be a day for him to celebrate.

You did this. You caused this. You need to be held accountable for what you have done.

I hope one day we will stand in a courtroom at your trial and I will have the opportunity to read this letter to you.

You took our daughter’s life but you did not take her soul and you will never take the spirit that lives in us, all of the family and friends who knew and loved Candance.

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Aug 02, 2021

Wishing you and your family all the best. It sounds as if this county needs a new district attorney. Where is the outrage in the community for all of these unsolved murders?


Mar 15, 2021

Beautiful! I pray for your family's loss and grief and hope the killer will be brought to justice. I pray the same for my grandson Rodell Wallace who was only visiting Killeen when his life and the others in that home were stolen on Oct 23, 2020. God bless your family and those kids of Candance.

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