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Let the blog begin

Hello and welcome again to my blog!!!! Let me tell you about my upcoming blogs. I will try and post at least one per month, but you know how that goes! Everything I am posting on this blog is MY truth, you may disagree with some of my opinions and that is okay.

If you are the person(s) whom I write about, and you want to explain your actions, you know how to reach me, let's have a conversation or a “visit”. I will explain more about the “visit” in a later blog. You can reach me at

The experiences I had dealing with certain individuals in Bell County are my experiences and I am giving my opinion on each. If you had a similar experience please contact me, I will share it if you would like or I will keep it confidential. (

I will also post about other Killeen or Bell County happenings as they arise.

There was at one time a TELL ALL website about the Bell County District Attorney's office. I am not sure how long it was in existence, I found out about it a few months before it was shut down. The site contained some photos, indiscretions and accusations mostly directed at the District Attorney Henry Garza. I decided not to copy any of the pages as they were rather defamatory and malicious. The postings were all “confidential” so you didn't know who made the posting and what their ulterior motives were. Something about being “confidential” and making critical comments does not sit well with me. The site was so cynical and malevolent it was eventually shut down (I wonder who would have wanted that to happen). There is not a trace of it left on the World Wide Web.....

I did however, copy one page, a letter supposedly written by a Detective at the Killeen Police Department. I copied it because it was around the time when the DA and the KPD Detective stopped all communication with me and the letter almost sounded exactly like the situation going on with Candy's case.

I will share this letter at a later time.

My blog is NOT intended to spread gossip nor sling accusations at anyone, this is simply my truth, my thoughts, my experiences and my opinions.

I will also be using the actual names of each individual I've had conversations with.

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1 Comment

John Hartley
John Hartley
Dec 21, 2021

I know that my request is very strange and will be very hard to solve. My wife's great grandparent's, William "Bill" Hawkins, and Martha Emaline Yates Hawkins mysteriously disappeared in Bell County, Texas in 1897. I know records from that time may be lost. Just asking how I can find out what happened to them and if there was ever any record of their disappearance.

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