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CLICK HERE to view some of the forgotten murders in Bell County


Although the majority of unsolved murders I have listed occurred in Killeen, there are

several unsolved murders within Bell County Texas that should also be remembered.

I received a message from someone who inquired about a murder that had occurred

in 1974. The name Simon Kelly.

Through my research I located one article from The Austin American-Statesman. Tenth Person Dead in Unsolved Deaths Chain. The article was from the Statesman printed on November 19, 1974. (The chain of unsolved murders began August 1971)

As I researched Bell County Crime stoppers, none of the murders were listed as unsolved.

Two of the murder cases are mentioned in a book written by a Texas Ranger.

I ordered the book written by Ed Gooding and Robert Nieman titled: Ed Gooding

Soldier, Texas Ranger. In chapter six Texas Ranger Gooding wrote about The Boxcar Murders in Temple, TX (located in Bell County, TX).

March 1974 two 14 year old boys ran away from the Waco State Home for Boys. The bodies of Patrick Ray O'Brien and James Patrick Carlisle were found March 23, 1974 molested an murdered in a boxcar. The two murders were the only ones I found that have been solved.

When Ranger Gooding retired in 1983 he told his successor:

“If you can police in Bell County, you can police anywhere". He also said, "the number of homicides in this area will kill you if you let them.”


If anyone knows if the following murders have been solved please let me know.

August 5, 1971 Mrs. Sheila Carmen Holloway 18 years old (Belton)

Found on interstate 35 near the spot where Tommy Smith was found

Cause of death: unknown as she had been run over by several vehicles

August 13, 1972 Johnnie S Cooke Jr 16 years old (Fort Hood)

Cause of death: shot in the heart and stabbed in the stomach.

July 8, 1972 Jeffery James Kunberger 13 years old (Fort Hood)

Cause of death: strangulation

March 9, 1974 Tommy A Smith 23 years old (Belton)

Found on interstate 35

Cause of death: stabbed 10 times

April 30, 1974 Simon Kelly 25 years old (Harker Heights)

Found in Dana Peak Park near Stillhouse Hallow Lake

Cause of death: shot in the head

May, 13, 1974 Mrs. Eva Diana Newberry 25 years old (Harker Heights)

Found in Dana Peak Park near Stillhouse Hallow Lake

Cause of death: stabbed 3 times in the back

November 5, 1974 Benny L Proctor 17 years old (Killeen)

Found alongside Trimmer Road

Cause of death: shot

November 1974 George Terry Hardge Jr. 23 years old

Found alongside Eagle's Nest Road south of Stillhouse Hallow Lake

Cause of death: shot in the head

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3 comentarios

15 mar 2023

Hello, Eva Newberry (nee Mayhall) was my mom's cousin. She was 28 when she was murdered and, though often misspelled as Diana, her middle name was actually Diona. Thank you for including her on this list.

Me gusta

Kimberly Lisenbe
Kimberly Lisenbe
18 jul 2021

John Opal Scott Lisenbe April 1976

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03 ene 2022
Contestando a

Hello, do you have info on THE BOXCAR MURDERS IN TEMPLE.

Me gusta
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