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2020 Search for Justice

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

As 2020 comes to an end, it has been a nightmare for so many families for various reasons.

Sadly Covid-19 has taken so many lives this year, families were never able to be with their loved one to hold their hand and give them one last kiss and hug before they passed. This has been absolutely heartbreaking…… our hearts and prayers go out to the families that have been affected by this malicious virus.

In 2020 we dedicated more time on our website, and also reached out to many other families, who like us lost a loved one to murder in Killeen that remains unsolved. Some welcomed conversation, some did not. While we do understand how some can move on and not want to ruffle any feathers, we are not of the same mind.

We believe by bringing attention to the so many unsolved murders in Killeen, somebody somewhere may know something about any one of these unsolved murders. Maybe a picture of the victim can ignite a memory, maybe a name can ignite a memory. You never know!!

We are thankful for the individuals we have met in 2020 who also operate their own website and Facebook page dedicated to the murders within Central Texas. also on FB = Jen Norris is a relentless advocate for the victims of sexual assault, the missing, murdered and unknown cause of deaths occurring within the military. Especially in the Fort Hood area. As a military vet Jen has seen and experienced first hand the injustice within the military ranks. Jen has been on a mission to see changes made within all military services, to help any and all who have fallen victim to the military injustices both past and present.

Central Texas Crime on FB = Nate M is constantly on the watch and posting the most current news in the Central Texas area including Killeen, they also will post warnings of suspicious persons in a neighborhood, missing persons, lost & found pets, that locals request, kind of like an online area watch. However their main concentration is on crime. As Nate and I talked we found we had so much in common and had been researching much of the same data. Nate has been my go to person when I am stumped or have a specific question.

The Fort Hood Fallen on FB = Amber is an Army vet who has also experienced her fair share of injustice, not only in the military but with the local (KPD) police department. Amber is also a very strong advocate for soldiers and their families, concentrating mainly with the missing/murdered/unsolved murders occurring at Fort Hood and the soldiers murdered/missing in the local towns in and around Bell County, TX.

All of our missions are the same…… We are all seeking JUSTICE, for the victims, for their families and friends.

2020 also brought us a resubmission of Candance’s case to the District Attorney’s office in Bell County. Although we pray this time there will be an indictment, we are somewhat pessimistic as this seems to be a repeat of the

“Screening” process debacle almost 6 years ago, when the 1st Assistant DA McWilliams admitted to us that he just did not have time to “screen” Candance’s case (after 2 years). And then when he did finally “screen” it he refused to prosecute and refused to tell us why. Today we know Candance’s case IS based on DNA, which shows the person who murdered Candance one trillion to one that he is the person who committed the murder.

Current status on Candance’s case

August 13, 2020 case resubmitted to the Bell County DA

November 3, 2020 we called the DA’s office to get status, we were informed at that time they could not located the case

November 6, 2020 We called KPD, who in turn contacted the DA office. The DA's office located Candance’s case later that day

November 30, 2020 we contacted the DA’s office to get status, and found out that 1st Assistant S. Newell has Candance’s case and will “screen”, and we were told she will call us when the case has been “screened”. (In other words don’t call us we’ll call you).

December 23, 2020 we are still waiting!

Bring on 2021!!!! We are ready!!!

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2 comentários

Patsy Rogers
Patsy Rogers
26 de abr. de 2021

MS.teri I'm so thankful for all you have done, for your daughter, my son, and the many many others that you have helped along the way.


Citizen Nat
Citizen Nat
29 de dez. de 2020

Thank you for all you do

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