Tawanda Nicole Johnson


Last seen alive: May 31, 2016 at 06:30

Circumstances: Husband reported she left at 6:00am to cash a check
First Name: Tawanda Nicole
Middle Name: Nicole
Last Name: Johnson


Age When Last Known Alive: 36
Race: Black/African Americ
Ethnicity: Other
Sex: Female
Height: 67.0 to
Weight: 240.0 to


City: Killeen
State: Texas
Zip: 76543
County: Bell


Hair: Black
Head Hair: Black
Wears shoulder length black wig.

Body Hair: Black
Facial Hair: Black
Eye: Brown
Other Distinctive: She has alopecia so she wears wigs

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing: White shirt and blue jeans
Footwear: Tennis shoes (white)
Jewelry: Loop ear rings
Eyewear: Glasses, that were left behind, which she cannot see without.
Accessories: Wears shoulder length black wig.


No car
Airline: No money
Bus: No money

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