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Jenna Ray Robbins

05/14/89 Killeen

Jenna Ray Robbins

9 year old Jenna was last seen playing with a six-year-old friend outside of her family's residence on North 4th Street in Killeen, Texas on May 14, 1989. Her mother went to the store and invited her daughter to come with her, but Jenna wanted to stay home and play with her friend.

Her friend later told authorities that a new-looking light gray or silver two-door Dodge or Plymouth sedan stopped near Jenna's home at approximately 5:30 p.m. The male driver enticed Jenna into his car, saying he would buy a gift for her. The man tried to convince Jenna's friend to get into the car as well, but she became frightened and ran away.

The vehicle was last seen traveling west on Garrison Avenue in Killeen. Its driver is described as Caucasian, between 20 and 22 years old in 1989, with brown hair slicked back. Jenna has never been seen again.

After her disappearance, another child told police someone had tried to lure her into his vehicle two days before Jenna's abduction. The child described her abductor and he resembled the man who took Jenna. The child gave police her statement before the description of Jenna's abductor had been publicized. It has not been established that Jenna's abductor was the same person who allegedly attempted to kidnap the other girl, however.

Jenna resided with her mother at the time of her disappearance; her parents are divorced. Her father is not considered to be a suspect in her case. Her abductor has never been identified and her case remains unsolved.

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