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Eric Wayne Rodgers

Murdered: June 15, 2020

Hello everyone my name is Patsy Rogers. Eric was my oldest son.

On June 15th of 2020 Eric’s life was taken for a foolish reason, an argument at a 7/11 with a stranger he never knew who followed him home and shot and killed him in front of his fathers home.

Eric was only 35 yrs old and the young man who took my son's life is only 22 yrs old.

My son was the most loving, caring, giving person you would ever meet. Eric was a very, very good father he had lived in Texas his whole life, he only had one love in his life his wife Lisa whom he was married to for 19 yrs. Eric and Lisa have 5 children ranging from 6-19 yrs old.

I was a single mother at the time and Eric was my pride an joy. Eric was a regular boy growing up he loved to fish, helping out anyone who needed it, he loved his wife, after 19 yrs he would still look at her an tell anyone she was the most beautiful women in the world, his kids meant everything to him, he moved to Indiana so his kids wouldn't grow up around the drugs an gang's.

Eric had came back to Texas to help his dad with his business, Lisa and the kids were going to move back later this year. But that will never happen.

My son was a good provider, father, son, husband, brother, and friend. You could call him a ride or die friend and his family and friends loved him dearly.

Anthony Ramos shot and murdered my son over an argument, this is just unreal. His violent and hostile decision ended my son’s life.

I want everyone to know that they haven't  charged or indicted Ramos on murder charges!  He is only charged with aggravated assault w/ deadly weapon causing serious bodily damage( death) ?? Even the grand jury indicted on this charge. What were they thinking?

I miss my son every single day of my life.

Ramos is out walking around living his life being able to see his family without a worry in the world. While my son sits on my dresser in an urn. What is right about that? Our justice system is a joke whenever someone's life is taken from someone by another's hand ( like Ramos did my son) they should be made to pay for it! My son never even knew that Anthony had a gun! My son thought he was protecting his family, he always said " mom let me just tell you something, my family means everything to me and whenever someone tries to hurt my family in any way, I'm gonna defend them". That was my baby boy he was 35 yrs old , 6'5" tall and weighed around 200 pounds. Eric was still my baby boy he was my hero, my protector, my friend and most of all he was my son. Ramos took a beautiful life that night.

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