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Christopher Ferguson, 21

March 25, 2007

Christopher was found unconscious in an apartment parking lot in Killeen, TX on March 18, 2007.

Christopher had blunt force trauma to the head, according to his death certificate.   

He had just returned from a deployment and had been out on the town with fellow soldiers that ended at an apartment in Killeen when his injuries occurred. 

When his family was first informed, they were told he had fallen from a 3rd story balcony, but when they finally received a copy of the death certificate, there was no mention of a fall, and the manner of death was left as pending.

If Christopher had jumped, he would have had to vault from the balcony in order to land in the parking lot where he was found. 

If he jumped, he would have landed on the grass or the sidewalk.

Because his injuries did not seem to be severe, KPD took no photos of the scene, and collected very little evidence.  

Christopher laid in the hospital for 7 days in a coma before he succumbed to his injuries, his mother, sisters sat by his bedside trying to make sense of what happened.  Visitors who were at the party would tell the mother different stories; they would later deny every attending the party.

Christopher's injuries consisted of a small bump at the base of his skull and a couple scrapes, more indicative to a fight.  According to the coroner, he did not believe Christopher fell off of a 3rd floor balcony, too many different stories from witnesses. 

Justice of the Peace David Barfield told Christopher's mother to request an autopsy be done at the SW Dallas Forensics, because the Army has a way of brushing everything under the rug.  He went on to say that none of the statements matched up and none of the stories made sense.  17 soldiers attended the party that night including an NCO, the soldier who rented the apartment also had a 17-year-old female runaway living at the apartment, she also attended the party.  

His family also states that the Army said Killeen PD was in charge of the investigation, while KPD told them that the Army was investigating the case.  Neither Army CID nor anyone from Killeen Police department went to the hospital to speak with Christophers family about the incident that caused his death. 

His friends who were with him that night told the family they could not talk about what happened.  And later would deny attending the St. Patrick's Day party.

2020 Sgt David Fischer agreed to reopen Christopher's case as a homicide cold case.

Christina continues to fight for justice for her brother, she knows the stories told to KPD do not match how her brother was murdered.  Through Christina's relentless push for justice, she has collected several documents, none of which make sense, 

several with incorrect dates, and reported statements contradict each other.

The soldiers in the photos claimed they did not attend the party that night.  

Christopher's camera depicts otherwise.

When the family picked up Christopher's vehicle, they found bag in the back seat, inside the bag were his shoes, tucked inside the shoes, Christopher's camera, the bloody shirt he wore that night, boxers with a round blood stain on the butt and a business card from Detective Karl Ortiz, KPD.  Also found in Christopher's glove box his mangled eyeglasses. 

The KPD detective on Christopher's case yelled at Christina that this case was closed and proceeded to hang up on her.  He refused to accept any more phone calls from the family.

Christopher loved the Army, he loved his battle buddies, more importantly he loved his family.  There was nothing he wouldn't have done for any of them.  His best friend who Christopher brought home on leave to Ohio would also turn his back on Christopher's family.

If you know anything no matter how unimportant you may think it is, please come forward. 

Any information could potentially help solve Christopher's case.

Please help Christina and her family get justice for Christopher.

**Christina recently learned KPD destroyed all evidence 2 years after Christopher's death.

Christopher & "friends" they claimed

they were not at the St. Patrick's Day party






Apt balcony where KPD

said he fell onto the 

parking lot.



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