Candance Lee Boley

Found murdered

in her home.


Killeen police on Wednesday identified the victim of an apparent homicide near downtown Killeen as 36-year-old Candance Lee Boley.  Boley was found dead inside a small house in the 1000 block of Parmer Avenue late Monday. An autopsy is pending. Police did not release the woman's cause of death.

A neighbor found Boley's body after spotting several of her pets wandering outside her home. The neighbor saw the door to Boley's home was open. The person looked inside and saw Boley lying on the floor.

The neighbor called police and told officers that shots were heard about an hour before the body was found.

A day later another article would come out about Candance's murder, this is the time the lies started, where Ortiz would tell the KDH newspaper reporter Candance was shot and killed.  Ortiz would do this several times, every time he spoke with the paper he would always say, "make sure you say she was shot and killed".

Ortiz would tell us that he was telling this lie, because "the streets will talk, and her killer would be caught quickly".  That was the big lie he told BUT not the biggest.

There was NEVER a call about shots fired.  

The persons who found her dead in her house, didn't even call from the neighborhood.  They walked to a house 13 minutes 

away.  Through an open record request, we found many disturbing things that had occurred that night.


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