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We began this website in 2018 to bring awareness of all the unsolved murders in Killeen.

Our daughter Candance was found murdered in her home July 11, 2011, her recorded death was July 12, 2011. Her friend Shayna Waller was murdered in January of 2011. Both murders remain unsolved.

We placed their photos side by side because we know they were friends.

As we began communications with the detective, we quickly learned that communication with victims' families is not a priority for them. The frustration we experienced was immense, we often wondered if this is really what happens when a loved one is murdered. It is the most depressing, hopeless feeling that any family could ever endure.

We also quickly discovered that the local paper Killeen Daily Herald will rarely put any photos of the murdered victims in the paper, nor will they print a bio, if you are reading this and would like to have your family members photo and bio in Our Stories, please email us, there is never a fee, our site does not charge.

Our thoughts are by not putting a victims photo in the paper this is how a victim is dehumanized. We also learned that there is no investigative reporting in Killeen. It seems that the reporters fear KPD and the DA’s office we feel they print what they are told. Which is another reason we started this website to bring awareness to Bell County that there is a serious problem there and the community needs to be aware. Most of our blogs will address the issues we have had dealing with the Killeen Police Department and the Bell County District attorney’s office. This is not a trash them website this is just to bring awareness and bring serious issues to light that we have experienced.

The gaslighting, the misinformation from KPD and the Bell County District Attorney Office continues today.

What we have discovered is the one person who failed to do his job investigating our daughter's murder and has continually lied to us, now works for the DA who now covers for him.  

We are sure we are not the first to bring up issues with KPD or the District Attorney's Office.  Although on most blogs we will use the actual names but some last names will not be used. If you have any issues you would like addressed please email us at


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Gene and Terrie Boley

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